Without Video Technology the Beautiful Game Will Become the Stupid Game

posted by Geoff Andrews at Friday, July 09, 2010

This World Cup has demonstrated the need for video technology to ensure justice takes place on the pitch. But how to persuade the suits at FIFA to make the wise move already taken by sports like tennis and cricket?

I think there is only one thing for it. Referees, the arbiters of fair play, will now have to take what amounts to civil disobedience. When faced with difficult decisions, such as the Lampard 'goal' or the Tevez 'offside' goal in the World Cup, they should wait until they get confirmation in their earpiece. It will only take a matter of seconds. As we saw in the case of the Tevez incident it happens anyway; FIFA, however, refuses to allow any reference to video replays. Referees now need to take things in their own hands. They are the guarantors of justice and fairness. If things carry on as normal the beautiful game will truly become the stupid game.